commercial painting

We specialize in all aspects of commercial painting

Commercial painting services for Daycare and Schools

Our commercial painting services include painting daycares, schools and universities. Parents should feel comfortable sending their children to daycare or school. And our paint helps your business to stand out. We reassure you that our painters only use the best quality paint. So your children will not breathe harmful chemicals and toxic fumes during the painting process. 

Clean Air Painters use paint that is durable and dries fast. But most importantly, it purifies the air, making it safer for children to breathe. 


Small businesses

Our painting services are perfect for yoga studios, spas, retreats, gyms and other small businesses that value their customers’ health and well-being. 

We love helping small businesses! Our company knows how important it is, especially during this time, to provide fast, quality and uninterrupted service. So your business can operate as usual during the painting process. We show up on time and guarantee quality work. Our painters will work around your business hours.


Healthcare facilities

Clean Air Painters provide painting services for doctor’s offices, hospitals, short and long-term care facilities, and wellness centers. We know how important it is for healthcare providers to assure safety of their patients and staff. So we will work efficiently around your schedule to minimize any care disruption. 

We guarantee that your patients will not be breathing harmful paint fumes during painting. And upon completion, they will enter into a facility with better air quality.

Commercial Painting services for Hotels

Clean Air Painters know that your guests do not want to breathe harmful paint fumes during their stay at a hotel. We use odorless and durable paint that is perfect for hotels and their guests. We also provide wall paper removal services.